Get Honest, No-BS Feedback on Your UX/UI & Landing Page

Get a no-nonsense critique of your product or landing page - with clear, actionable advice to improve usability and increase conversions


Brutally Honest Feedback

No sugarcoating here. You'll get a real feedback to enhances your UX/UI and gets more people signing up.


Actionable Insights

Get practical, easy-to-implement tips that will immediately improve your SaaS product's usability.


PDF Report Included

Get your feedback delivered as a detailed PDF report (for insights). No more guesswork.


Can't Shake That Feeling Your SaaS Could Do Better?

Low Conversion Rates

Your landing page isn't converting visitors into users, and you're not sure why.

Poor User Experience

People find your product confusing or clunky to use, leading to frustration and churn.

Lack of Clear Feedback

You need honest, targeted feedback to identify the roadblocks and make meaningful improvements.

You’ve put blood, sweat, and tears into building your SaaS product, but the sign-ups aren’t rolling in like you hoped.

The problem could be related to how users are experiencing it and its offering. Do any of the below ring a bell?

Your landing page is failing to hook visitors

You suspect your UX/UI is confusing or turning users off

Users are getting stuck and bailing without key actions

Your UI causing headaches and confusion

You feel like your product isn’t living up to its potential

You know something’s off, but not sure what…

Look, Your SaaS Needs Honest Feedback

Don’t let crappy UX hold you back.

Even the best ideas can fail without the right user experience.

A confusing interface frustrates potential customers and kills sales.

An unoptimized landing page is a conversion killer, wasting all your marketing efforts.

Roast my product for $97

Transform Your SaaS with No-BS UX/UI Feedback

  • No-Fluff Critiques

    I’ll give you the real, unvarnished truth about what’s holding your UX/UI back – no beating around the bush.

  • Conversion-Boosting Tips

    Along with feedback, you’ll get clear, actionable recommendations designed to increase signups and sales.

  • Comprehensive Reports

    Your feedback will be delivered as a detailed PDF report for deeper insights.

Actionable Tips & Feedback to Help You Grow

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  • Get feedback from a real person, not generic templates or AI

  • Practical, actionable advice – no vague fluff

  • Fast turnaround so you can optimize quickly

  • Identify issues with your product or landing page

  • One-time investment – pay once with no recurring fees

  • You’ll get a detailed report in Figma and PDF

Who's Doin' The Roasting?

Hey, I’m Bren Kinfa 👋

As the founder of SaaS Gems, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with dozens of SaaS founders, designers, and product managers over the world.

A common theme I've noticed is the frustration when a great product fails to perform. You need someone to give it to you straight and help you pinpoint and resolve the issues holding you back.

Here are a couple details about me...

🔥 I have 8+ years experience working with dozens of founders helping them improve the UX/UI of their websites and products.

🔥 I have a 600+ day streak on Product Hunt. I’ve looked at the launches of hundreds of products and have developed an intuition on what tends to work better.

🔥 I’ve launched 9+ websites on Product Hunt myself, so I know the exact process and what goes into it.

🔥 My launches have been Featured on the Product Hunt homepage and have hit the top spots - 1st place, 3rd place, respectively.

🔥 I've built an email list of 15,000+ subscribers, singlehandedly, without any paid promotion.

🔥 I’m the founder of SaaS Gems - a network of SaaS resources for founders.

🔥 I have a Bachelor's degree in Interaction Design (not that it matters, but I need to plug it somehow).

You'll get a no-BS analysis that's easy to understand and apply. I provide the honest insights you need to turn things around.

My goal is to help you achieve immediate improvements and long-term success by making your product user-friendly and conversion-worthy.

“I was struggling to understand why users weren’t sticking around. I got clear, actionable feedback on my app’s UX/UI. 

After implementing the suggestions, engagement and satisfaction soared. It’s like having a friend who tells you the hard truth because they care!”

Alex C.
SaaS Founder


How it Works

It’s quick, simple, and hot.

Roast my product for $97
  1. Share Your Product

    Tell me about your SaaS, your company, branding, target users – the more context, the better.

  2. Receive Your Roast

    You’ll get an annotated screenshot with straightforward feedback on your landing page or product UX, delivered via PDF.

  3. Improve Your Design

    You work on implementing the tips and improving your design in order to improve usability and conversions.

Okay, So What's The Cost?


  • One Flat Fee

    No fine print or recurring charges. You'll get the full UX critique service for a simple $97 payment.
  • Years of UX Expertise

    Benefit from my years of experience in UX/UI and conversion optimization, distilled into tailored advice.
  • Fast Turnaround

    No more waiting months for insights. Your detailed feedback report arrives in just days, ready to implement.
  • Concise & Actionable

    Get practical, actionable feedback to implement delivered in PDF.

Certified Roast

One-time fee. Simple & straightforward.


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  • Includes 1 screen or page
  • Honest critique, no sugarcoating
  • Clear, practical recommendations
  • Personalized advice for your product
  • Feedback via PDF report
  • Delivered within 3 business days
Roast my product for $97

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